Online Risk Test




Total amount of participants so far:


Dutch and English

Target group

General practitioners, sports events and organisations.

Goal of the Online Risk test

Easily identify people with an increased heart risk


18 General practitioners, Sports Medical Centre Papendal, Limburgsmooiste

About the Online risk test

The online risk test can be used by GPs, sporting events and organizations to identify groups of people or individuals within their region with an increased heart risk of heart or unhealthy lifestyle in an easy way. The test can be adapted to the look and feel of your practice or organization and incorporated into existing websites.

How does it work?

  • A user fills out the answers to twenty medical and lifestyle questions online and then receive a score and advice on their heart risk and lifestyle.
  • If the participant is at an increased risk, the user is advised to make an appointment with his or her physician for further investigation.
  • The doctor will also automatically receive an email with the results and details of the user.


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